Small businesses sometimes overlook social media as an effective marketing tool, but it has a lot to offer your campaign. On top of being extremely helpful to your SEO strategy, social media provides a platform on which you can engage directly with your customers and target audience. With so many new linking and recommendation features, social media is also a great way to build your referral business.

But running an effective social media campaign can be tricky and time consuming. We’ll craft a social media campaign to meet your business’s goals, implement it and keep you up-to-date on engagement levels.


Our social media producers live on Twitter and Facebook. Joining these platforms puts you on two popular sites with large audiences full of potential customers.

Increase Referral Business

Take advantage of new linking and recommendation features to encourage your customers to refer their friends, family and acquaintances to your small business.


Strengthen Your SEO Campaign

When you maintain active profiles on social media by regularly posting timely and relevant updates, Google sees that and reflects it in your search rankings.